Salomon Outspeed Jacket


REVIEWER Jasmine Listou Bible

Snow falls, winds whip, and you saunter through the elements, unfazed. After a while you start to see things in reverse. Casual arctic approaches lead to epic errand running -- and the way you view adventure has changed, for the better. In so many ways our apparel, our uniform, does define us. And the effortlessly chic Salomon OUTspeed Down Jacket (tested in Women’s, also available in Men’s) will as well change the way you outdoors.
Salomon OUTspeed Down Jacket

The transformative style of today’s lightweight puffy makes staying outdoors longer a casual experience, by expanding your window of comfort and style. Baffle channels curve elegantly against the body creating a flattering silhouette. Hike your mountain, skijour to the local watering hole, simply zip up, step out, hood up, and revel in your outdoor spirit animal.

A piece that wears more like a long sleeve t-shirt than a burley down parka, the ease of wear has evolved. This new generation of purpose-built down makes it easier to linger outside longer.

The lightweight, 700 down fill is thin enough to wear on shoulder-season days, yet insulating enough to don on deeply cold nights when temps dip low. The front zipper on the elastic-cinched hood comes high enough to tuck your chin against high country winds. The sleek elastic hem around the waist holds the garment comfortably against your body, barring the winter from creeping its way up your back. Salomon’s style has firmly progressed to match the technical culture and level of performance that its customer demands. ⬩