Water Protectors


Photography Ian Morrison

In late November and early December, ALLIED quietly gathered a large number of down jackets and down bedding from ALLIED home to take to the Native Tribes at Standing Rock to get them through the cold winter as a stand of solidarity and appreciation for all those who are called on to protect our vital resources under any circumstance. ⬩

Standing Rock proved a potentially unique and potentially pivotal moment in conservation with people from all walks of life joining together in unison to stand up for water conservation and the protection of lands. We were honored to help the indigenous community directly who served as hosts, moderators, influencers and spiritual guides.

The conservation of land and protection of water is an important issue to all of us. Having made a large commitment of our own in ceasing the use of all fluorocarbons in our water resistant treatments company-wide, we understand the importance of standing up for this issue.

To all those who have put their own lives aside leaving family and homes behind - isolating themselves to stand united in the protection of the land and its valuable resources, we salute you and stand ALLIED with you.